Glucosamine Chondroitin Liquid More Comprehensive Than Arthro 7, Instaflex, Biflex, Cosamin, MoveFree, and Other Liquid Formulas. FlexEasy has the Two Best Natural Ingredients to Fight Pain (that aren't in almost all the other formulas), as well as Nine Others That Support Your Cartilage and Promote a Better Response to Your Pain and Inflammation Triggers Guaranteed. "

At Last No More Taking Multiple Pills Daily That May Not Even be Digestable or Rubbing Creams all Over That May Not be Fully Absorbed into the Body ... Now get FlexEasy™ with over 4000mg of 10 of the Best Natural, Non-Prescription Joint Comforting Ingredients in a One Ounce Daily Liquid Dose.

Liquid Glucosamine

From The Desk of: Dr. Brad Krueger
Cedar Rapids, IA

Dear Friend,

What makes FlexEasy™ different from other supplements?

FlexEasy™ is the only product (whether it be liquid or pill form) that provides ingredients that maintain and repair cartilage, fight joint and muscle inflammation, and fight the release of your body's pain triggers, the COX-2 and 5-LO pain enzymes without the harmful side effects. Other companies' products have one, maybe two components, but not all three helpful steps.

Or they want you to buy two or more different bottles of things to make up for all that is already included in FlexEasy™ and at two to three times the cost of one bottle of FlexEasy™. Plus, FlexEasy™ is in liquid form for maximum absorption so you aren't wasting your money only absorbing a small percentage of pills or tablets.

What is in FlexEasy™ and how much do I take per day?

FlexEasy™ is a 32 day supply where you take 1 fl. Oz. Per day (2 Tbsp.). It has a Tangerine-Orange flavor and you can take it alone or mix it in any drink you wish.

The ingredients and their benefits are listed below:


1500mg Glucosamine Sulfate, 1200mg Chondroitin Sulfate, 500mg MSM, 10mg Hyaluronic Acid As we age (at around age 40) it appears that the body loses the ability to manufacture optimal levels of glucosamine. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the raw materials from which the body makes important components (proteoglycans) of its cartilage. As such, a decrease in glucosamine synthesis often results in cartilage erosion and the development of osteoarthritis.

Since the early 1980s, more than 300 scientific investigations and over 20 double-blind clinical trials have proven that glucosamine sulfate supplementation can provide the body with the raw material to help repair and regenerate its cartilage, consistently improving osteoarthritic symptoms and halting further cartilage destruction in a high percentage of cases. Now widely accepted as a treatment for arthritis, glucosamine sulfate supplementation is proven to be extremely safe and effective. The usual dose is 1500 mg per day.

Medical journals such as The Lancet and The Journal of the American Medical Association have published research papers highlighting the proven benefits of glucosamine for arthritic patients. The recent confirmation that sulfur plays a key role in maintaining the structural integrity of our cartilage has also prompted the popular use of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

MSM is a sulfur-rich compound, which has been shown in clinical and experimental studies to greatly improve arthritic and other joint inflammatory conditions. Experimental evidence indicates that it may provide significant anti-inflammatory effects as well. Hyaluronic Acid is yet another component of healthy connective tissue thought to provide extra joint lubrication and comfort.

500mg Boswellia In clinical studies, the gum resin of the boswellia tree (yielding 70% boswellic acids) has been shown to improve symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Like Curcumin, its active ingredients block the production of inflammatory prostaglandin hormones and other inflammatory chemicals.

400mg Bromelain contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that have proven ability to suppress the inflammation and pain of many forms of arthritis, sports injuries, and joint conditions.

150mg each Chinese Skull Cap Extract (Root) and Acacia Extract (Heartwood & Bark) recently discovered to safely block all of your body's natural pain triggers including Cox-2 and 5-LO pain enzymes. (One top-selling Cox-2 inhibitor prescription is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and heart problems as noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The British health journal, Lancet, reported prescription Cox-2 inhibitors may harm your kidneys.)

100mg Curcumin is the active anti- inflammatory agent found in the spice turmeric. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent and has been shown to be as effective as the drug phenylbutazone in reducing pain swelling and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

100mg Milk Thistle Extract - has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Several scientific studies suggest that substances in milk thistle (especially a flavonoid called silymarin) protect the liver from toxins, including certain drugs such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can cause liver damage in high doses.

4mg Astaxanthin - is a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, blocking different chemicals in your body that make you feel the pain signals. Furthermore, astaxanthin can reduce the inflammatory causes that drive many chronic diseases, and it works like some prescription analgesics, but without the risk of addiction, stomach bleeds or heartburn. More specifically, astaxanthin blocks COX 2 enzymes just like Celebrex, the blockbuster drug prescribed for osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain and monthly dysmenorrhea. [1] In fact, astaxanthin works well with Celebrex -- it would be wise to take both together if you want to and if your doctor approves of astaxanthin.

Natural astaxanthin not only affects the COX 2 pathway, it suppresses serum levels of nitric oxide, interleukin 1B, prostaglandin E2, C Reactive Protein (CRP) and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha), and all of this has been proven.

[1] Lee SJ, Bai SK, Lee KS, Namkoong S, Na HJ, Ha KS, Han JA, Yim SV, Chang K, Kwon YG, Lee SK, Kim YM. Astaxanthin inhibits nitric oxide production and inflammatory gene expression by suppressing I(kappa)B kinase-dependent NF-kappaB activation. Mol Cells. 2003 Aug 31;16(1):97-105. PubMed PMID: 14503852. .

Other research results available upon request.

We have used this successfully in my office and with other doctors around the country since 2003. I will not be paying ex-athletes or celebrities for endorsements to try to convince you of its worthiness!

Here's what really sets FlexEasy™ apart from other products:

  • It's a natural product without the harmful negative side effects. This is a big plus in light of past prescription drug and some supplement recalls.

  • It's in liquid form to promote easier absorbtion. Needs to be taken only once a day, so you don't have to choke down multiple pills and tablets. You would have to personally test your pills to see if they are dissolving to be absorbable.

  • It's fast acting. You'll feel the benefits in just weeks not months.


"Noticed A Difference In 5 or 6 Days!"

"Dr. Brad, I just ordered two bottles of your Flex Easy. I have used three bottles in the past, but usually there has been a lapse in between uses.

Each time I start using it, I can tell a big difference. It works better in the first few days if taken double strength. I was not sure in the beginning if it was the Flex Easy or if I was feeling some better on my own.

I am convinced that it is the Flex Easy, so now I am going to use it continually. I have had two back surgeries and have steffie plates and steel screws in my lower back (this done in 1988) and this has really made my back and legs much worse, and I also have two discs in my upper back worn completely out and one in my neck.

Glad I found Flex Easy."

-John Smith
Wilson, NC

It's the only joint health supplement of its kind or I wouldn't have bothered with the expense and time from my practice to have it created.

There's no other product on the market that gives you this unique blend of natural joint health ingredients in such high quantities at an affordable price.

"Thrilled with the results!"

"I tried one bottle on my husband and he is thrilled with the results. His knees which were becoming a big problem are doing MUCH better, His thumbs are both doing better but the knees are dramatic.

-Jackie Pence, Certified Naturopath

"Your Product is Great..."

"your product is great, a lifesaver, really. It stops the pain! And no side effects. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and am so happy to have found something that isn't a drug and doesn't have unpleasant side effects.

-Renee Brown
New York, NY


And here's the good news

FlexEasy™ was first made exclusively for me and my patients. So you had to be in that 'inner circle' in order to benefit from its powerful joint flexibility and comfort ingredients.

Because of the results my patients were reporting I shared this 'secret' with some other doctors and they heard the same exciting news from their patients.


"No More Pain or Stiffness"

"I am 45 years old and have suffered with back pain a good part of my life. I have degenerative disc disease as well as disc injuries from a car accident. I have been working with my Chiropractor; Dr. Carmine DeSanto, for several years now and he had spoken to me about the benefits of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I tried tablets for several months without any relief, eventually I stopped taking it altogether. An orthopedist suggested that I start taking Vioxx. I was thrilled at the fact that I had little of no pain and stiffness. When they took Vioxx off the market the pain and the stiffness returned. I thought that this was the way I was going to have to live my life. A friend of mine was telling me about, of all things, her dog. The dog apparently had severe back pain and the vet had suggested Glucosamine and Chondroitin but told her which one to get. He said that he had found that all are not equal and that he preferred one particular brand over another. That’s when I realized that maybe I needed to try another brand and I searched the Web and found you. I took Flex Easy for 4 weeks and noticed that I had no more pain or stiffness.

I was so thrilled that I told my Chiropractor about your product. He even notice the difference. Since I have been taking your product and going for my adjustments my back has been significantly better. I am able to walk for long periods of time without having to sit, I have significantly better mobility and I don’t have that feeling that my back is going to explode. Recently I had an episode with my back. Where as in the past I would miss several days of work and I would feel not only the pain and stiffness but I would also have serious trouble walking or standing for weeks afterward this time the pain lasted only one day and after my adjustment I felt 98% better. I just wanted to say Thank You for developing such a wonderful product, and for helping to give me quality of life back. Both my Chiropractor and myself are sold on the benefits of FlexEasy. I tell anyone who will listen how great this product is.

-Linda Howard
New York

But now, for the very first time, FlexEasy™ is available to you -shipped right to your door! It's not yet available from stores, although like any good news, I'll not be able to keep this a secret for much longer.

Before I tell you how you can get your FlexEasy™, let me remind you that I formulated this product out of my professional experience AND personal experience with joint problems. It's a rare case when the creator of a product suffered from the ailment the product was meant to help.

In essence, I use this product myself and I think you'll agree that this says a lot about what I believe FlexEasy™ can do for you.

And because a product works doesn't
mean that it has to be expensive

In fact, I challenge you to compare the amount of ingredients in FlexEasy™ with our leading competitors and you'll find that, per mg, FlexEasy™ is very affordable. Don't be fooled by products that say they contain ingredients but are there in such small amounts that make them ineffective.

For example, one of our leading competitors product contains just 8 mg of Boswellia just so they can place 'with Boswellia' on the label whereas FlexEasy™ contains 500 mg!!

You can get a 32 fl oz bottle of FlexEasy™ for just $30.95 with FREE shipping to anywhere within the USA. And if you choose to use our convenient auto-ship plan then this drops to just $27.95 per month. That's only 90 cents per day!

If you were to buy all the separate ingredients in FlexEasy™ individually, they'll cost you about $80 total. So you're really getting an $80 value for much less.

Order FlexEasy™ and get the joint flexibility and comfort that you've been looking for. Call my line at
or order securely via credit card or check through PayPal below.

FlexEasy FlexEasy™ 32 fl oz bottle; $30.95 (Free USA shipping. International shipping please email me for a quote.)

Buy 2 for $53.90 (Free USA shipping. International shipping please email me for a quote.)

FlexEasy™ Monthly Delivery; $27.95/mo (Free USA shipping. International shipping please email me for a quote.)
Once you've experienced real pain relief, you'll want to be sure a new bottle is on the way every month.

FlexEasy™ Monthly Delivery of 2 bottles; $53.90/mo (Free USA shipping.)
2 bottles to you every month.

*Note: Standing orders may be canceled anytime if you no longer need regular delivery by visiting

Are You A Retailer? Go here for wholesale info.

And if for any reason you're not satisfied with FlexEasy™, even if you don't like the color of the bottle, you can return the empty or full bottle for a complete refund (less S&H).

That's right. You risk nothing in trying FlexEasy™. And I'll have it no other way. That's how confident I am about how you'll love this breakthrough product.

So why allow these problems to ruin your life? It almost robbed me of a thriving career and most of all the joy of playing with my sons (Now 2 of them). Now I can enjoy them like never before and play golf comfortably.

Just imagine the NEW you ... bending more easily, walking up and down stairs comfortably ... crouching on your knees while gardening, ... swinging the golf club more freely, ... running and biking up and down hills faster, ... recovering from musculo-skeletal surgeries and injuries faster, ... keeping up with your grandchildren, exercising easier to burn off extra weight ...

What do you have to lose? Order yours now. You'll just have to experience the FlexEasy difference for yourself.

Yours for healthier living!

Dr. Brad Krueger, DC.

P.S. Even if you've tried other products before, you'll be surprised to know the relief that FlexEasy™ brings you and how fast. I wish I could let you read all the letters and emails I receive from customers and patients all the time.

P.P.S. You can prove for yourself the powerful results you'll get from this product and at no risk whatsoever. If you don't like even the taste of this product (and I'll be surprised if you don't) then just return the unused portion (even the empty bottle) and I'll refund you 100% of what you paid for the product. So order today!

Disclaimer: The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Testimonial results not typical. Your actual results may vary.



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